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foundation, dedicated to promoting fisca responbility and addressing key economic challenges fang america's future. and ditional funding is ovided by the following supporters -- >>> hello and od evening. i'm daljit dhaliwa we begin tonight with the latest chapr in the unfolding story of afghanistan. prident hamid rzai is going to see a second term. th became official today after his rival withdraw from a runoff due to te place this coming weekend. at is far from certain is whethe karzai can become the effective leader tthe united stat hopes for and needs in afghanistan. can he rid the country of corruption? can he raise an army capable one day of taking overrom the united stes? these a all key questions as prident obama plans the next phase of u.s. involvemenin afghanistan. in our lead focus, the afan election a bend, we start in kabul with al zeera english o found the issue of fraud remas an undercurrent. reporter: just a dayfter dr. abdullah's withdwal from the race, hamid karzai is declared winner of afghistan's presidenal election. >> translato we decla mr. hamid karzai who gothe majo
tt its oensive against th taliban and al qaa is succeedingbut are america's foes defeate orjust buying time for anher fig? >>> ly half a year aer its captain was free a shoot-out, an american ship is attacked again by somali pirates. >>> we take you to the amazon where one of the world'siggest oil companies is being sued by poor ecuadorians who accuseit of pollution they say is causg cancer. >>> and fr israel, protests about divoe laws. are women there being given fair shake? is part two of our "signatureseries from that couny. >>> from the world leading reporters and analystshere's wh's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocu" major support habeen provid byosalind p. walter and the ter g. peterson foundati, dedicated to promoting fialesponsibility d addressing key economic chalnges facing america's futu. and additional funding is provided by the foowing supporters- >>> heo and good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. america's lationship with china may have its ups and downs, b one thing is rtain. no trip to that country by an american presint is nsidered comple without
abraham and where god was born. his latest is called "america's ofit." >> great to be back. >tavis: w is moseamerica's prophet? >> i had spent a decade traveling aroundhe middle east looking at this kind of combuion of religion and politics and it seemedhe debate was headquaered inhe middle east. transferred back here. americans were in th, and ground this time i'd ke -- i began, my wifeaveirth to identicatwins and we saw people, we had to go to them to gesome help. when i wen on board there was this guy reading the bible. i said whaare you reading and he said texas. -- exodu in home town there is a tter from george washington ere he credits the success in e revolution to the same god whofreed the israelites. here is moses in the middle of the volution. i kept saying ben fnklin recruiting moses. harrietubman all the w through to d king comparing himself to moses. i was shocked by the number ferences and i said i should go through this journey an retrace influenced more americans. his name is moses and he is our true founding father. vis: you write about him and i am sunned about the
winning lumnist and best lling author to friedman. >> wha worries me about america toda charlie, is that we are produces suboptimal solutions tall our big problems. whether is called health care. whether it'salled financial regulaon, whetr it's call debt, ether it's called energy and climate. whe asa becaus it has an authoritarian system run by engineers,ot lawyers, ca actuly order through awe tore -- author toreian means in many case rseptimal solution >> rose: we turno the middle easwith two respected experts and authorseugene rogan and stephen cohen. >> people in therab world who have contied to really hope to see new dawn where they might take command of their own future and what not areindinghemselves more powless than ever. and there's a deep sense of laise particularlafter the war in iraq. that really has been radicalizing politics. making people feelike they could actlly make a dierence with the ballot. the united states needs to say to the world we have to solve the probm of our continng confrontation with the musm world it has undermined theuccess of president after p
are convted of snatching aadical muslim cleric off e streets ilan as partf america's secret rendion program. >>> d from the west bank, a look at disappearing way of li. glass blowing. the struggle to maintain an ancient tradition. > from the world's leading reporterand analysts, here's what's happening fm around the world. this is "worldfocus." mar support has been provided by rosalind p. walter, a the peter g. peterson foundaon, dedicad to promoting fiscal responsibity and addressing key economic challges facing america's future. and adtional funding is provided bthe following suorters -- >>> hello and good ening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. >>> it is a day that many anians happily remember, but most americans would rather forget. today, november the 4th, marks the 30th anniversary of the takeover of theu.s. embassy in tehran. ashey do every year, thsands iranians gathered ouide the former embassy to chant "death to erica." but day they wre met by hundre of opposition protesters chanting "death to the ctator," a referenc to e iranianpresident mahmou ahmadined. things soon turned violent. that is
stoy, we take you to dided town on the west ba where america settlers say they feel under attack. thpalestinians say they are rced to do witut. >>> and throughout europe toda the talk is all about the world p and a missed ca that h ance celebring and ireland outrag. and the peter g. pet >> from the world's leadg reports and analysts, here's at's happening from around t world. this is orldfocus." major supporhas been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g.eterson foundation, dicated to promoting fiscalesponsibility and addressing keyconomic chalnges facing america's future. and addition funding is ovided by the following supporters -- >>> hello and od evening. i'm dalj dhaliwal in new york. presidt obama had a tough new message today foroth north korea and iran, tling them to sce back their nuclear programsr face the consuences. the present made his remarks in south korea, the last stopon his week-long ip to asia. once again, he sa things could improve for north korea and iran if they act. tonight's le focus,eook at what the president had to say, folwed by analysiof his la
hussein's weapons program. ery warm welcome to "bbc world news", broadcast our vwers on pb in america an also on the globe. coming up later for you, recession a is meet the workers fe training for the new job marke >> myusband and i decided to look at it like tis is an opportunity. when in your life do y get to really choose what career path you are folwing? >> and standing up to the godfather. the islanof sicilyaunch as anti-mafia package holidays. hello to you. he wi go briefly to the copenhagen climate suit, and today, president oma annnced the commients on greenhouse gases he will take wh them. he has pledged to cut amecan carbon emissns by about 17% by 2020. it reverses the policy ofthe bush administratio and in the current ste of u.s. politics, it is risky, but is it enough to rescue a meaningful agreement when world leaders meet next month? >> some performances are common to ever presint, like freeing a rkeyjust before the thanksgiving feas >> you know, there are certain days that remind mef why i ran for this office, and then there are ments like thi -- new [laught] where i pa
of improvement in the u.s. economy. erika miller reports. >> reporter:ne out of every n workers in america is not working. and not by choic today's data show almost6 million of peoe are looking for jobs a harsh rinder of the painaused by the great recession. economist bre kasman warns thgs are likely to get worse. >> i think it's a asonable chance that byhe time the labor market reaches its wor point, we are actuly going to have t worst labor market that we've had in the united ates since the eat depression. and that's aretty sobering reity. >> reporter:peaking of sobering, by oneeasure, the jobless rate is actual closer to 17.5% that'she figure, if yo include rt-timers who would rather be full-time and ople so discoured looking for work, they've given up. however, today's rort did have somelimmers hope. though the ecomy lost 190,000 jobsast month, that's still well bel january's peak. economt milton ezrati says the creation of 34,000 temporary potion in october is also a positive sign. >> what happens is--t a turn in the enomy-- and there's good evidence that we are seng a turn towargrowt
is about. we're gointoo around the world to see what ssons we can learn fix america's sick, sick health care system. i' covered the world as a foreign correspondent, andight now i'm writing a book abo health carsystems seas. firsst on my tour is great britain, wre our family lived for five years even thougthe uk is our closest ropean ally, its alth ce solution that is, the vernment-run national health service-- may seem to close to soclism for most aman still, we can len something here. for about half of what we pa per person, the nhcovers everybodand s mewh tter health isti, longer lifexptancower iant mortaly. britain's national healt servicis dicatedo the oposition that you should never have to pay medical bill. the nhs, there's no insuran premium,o co-pay, fee at l. the system covers evybody. and, you kno when we lived here, my family got really gd care from the nhs, althoh we often had to wait to see doctor. and yet thwspars here are full of nhrrortories-- raoning, waiting lists, terrible mistake so i've come to london to e th nhs. is it an answer for the u., or just some horrle so
in the twi towers. they say the aused should never set footn america. >> we need to b protected from th. these are very dangerous -- i thi dbolic individuals. i don't want them near my grandchildn. i don'tanthem near anybody's ildren. ion't want them on our il. >> in new york, some worry about the sort ofsecurity that will surrnd such a sensational rial. many welcome the nws. >> btter that it's in new rk where 'll get afair jury of new yorkers followingoth the 1993 bombing and the 2001 event. i hpe he gs a fair trial. >> theshould be he. they suld be in new york wre the event occurred and allow the citizens of new york twitness firsthan the administratn of juste. >> thiss a very politil decision. before bein sent to gutanamo, mohammed was water boarded, some would say ttured, 183 times. evidence obined that way could ve been allowed bere a mitary tribunal under the bush admintration. ts is an exchange betweenim and therosecutor. >> thenformation that yore lling us today so we're clear you doot believe that you are under any preure or threat or duress to speak to us today s. that correct
to viewers in america and arou the globe. my ne is me hembl. >> bloodiamonds -- human rights abus inzimbabwe mean should beicked out of internatiol gem markets. >> a booming oil busiss in texas andelting glasses inhe him lay yea we'll be looking at two sides of the climate chang debate. >> hello -- ending wes of unceainty, hamid karzai has been declared the winner of afghanistan's presidential ection. with h only rival out of the race -- has been abaoned but it leaves mr. karzaieven weaker than before and a mass of questions unanswered. president obama has phod him and warne him that corruption must be tkled. the latestrom washington in just aoment. first the bbc's ian pal from kabul. >> it's cost mllions of punds and dozens of livesto get to th moment. and i came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of call bu. >> we declare that mr. hamid kari has gotten the majority votes in t first round and he is the only candidate for the cond roun of elecons of afghanian in 2009, be declar as elected pesident of afgnistan. >> the head of the election board was -- with questns about fraud, crruptio
responsibility and addressingey economic challeng facing america's future. and additional funding is providedy the following pporters -- >>> hello d good evening. m daljit dhaliwal. in theinternational chessame of iran's nuclear program, it was x world wers that ma a movetoday. delegas from the united states, britain, france, germany, russia and china met in brussels,belgium, and turned up the heat on iran. they didn't discuss e sanctions, not y anyway, but that posbility served as a backdropor today's meetings. the issue is iran's nuclear ambitions. tehranays its uranium enrichment programs for peaceful purposes only, but other untries worry gives iran the capability of making an atic bomb. despite some timism in recent wes, iran now seems to be rejeing a plan have its uranm enriched outside the country. e delegates in brussels urd iran to reonsider, a hence thtalk by president oma and othe this weekbout the possibility new sanctions. what kind of measuresnd when, that is our "lead focus" tonight. weeks after andisclosed the existence of this once secret nuclear facility nea the holy city
challengesacing america's future. and adtional funding is provided by the following supporters- > hello and good evening. i'm ljit dhaliwal. imagine here in the united stes that they held vote to ban a wel-known religious symbol, the spe of a church, t's say, because some fel threatened by it. well, at has happened in switrland where voters have approved ban on the building of minarets,he towershat are a typical pa of mosques. the vote in a nationa referendum was57% for the ban, which was aimed at stopping further islamition in switzerland, in t words of the naonalist party that supported it. but the vote was widely criticized by islamic groups today. anfrance's foreign minter called it an expression of intolerance. tonight's "lead focus the controversl swiss move and analysis oit beginningith jane dodge of it >> reporter: tre are only four of them in switzerland, but that's four tooany acording to thecountry'slargest pay. and now it seems t swiss public agrees. in a result that surprisedmany, 57% of voteoted a ban on the building of minarets. the country's f right sss ople's party who are behin
america is doing. we're saving yo $150illion over the next ten years in healthare. you're going to have no eexisting condition be an object. we have met the preside's rk. that was tough. and guess wt? the public opti has ce rawing back, and even though the senate is going to put that in their bill -- >> i don't tnk it's going to get through with all tha there's a lot o peoe in the democratic party, we tked to a lot of them, they weren't supportive of a public option. the 1990 pag dument, i'd love tonow how man on capito hil have red it. the goal of ncy pelosierself is, 90% of citizens in health care. >> that is not true. i can't lethat go b on about 1 million people qualy to be inhe public opon. at she said was our bil covers 96% ofhe american people. almost everyone wille in their own employe based healt care. >> not employ option but some form of government controll healthare. >> bonnie: that's it's! >>> from hlth to home. women may beaking gains in the workforce. but wh it comes to household anchors, even children sll -- anchor -- chores, even children sll believe it's a woman's do
gersh takes a look. >> rorter: america loves an apology. all i can say is that i apologize. >> please let me apologize. >> i apologize tohe public. report you tube isilled with them. >> i'm really really sorry, i apologize unservedly. >> reporter: but loving apogy and accepting one are two different things, whh makes goldman sachs' c.e. lloyblankfein's apology-- made at a directohip magazine conference-- a controvsial move. >> we're a leadein our industry and we participat in things that are early wrong and we have reass to regret and apologize fo >>eporter: the fortune columnist, blogger and.b.s. exutive who writes under the name stanley bing says it rely makes sense for companies apologize. mostren't accepted and he says, in blankfein's case, iis not clear what he was apologizing fo >> what was clearly ong, can you identi what was wrong? if y can't, why not? whisn't he identifying what was wrong? reporter: public citizen's robert weissman helped oanize this rly outside goldman's shington offices on monday. he inot appeased by goldman's regret. >> to ju say, "i'm sorry, things are wr
and addressing keyconomic challenges facing america's future. and additional funng is proved by the following supporters -- >>> hello angood evening. i'm ljit dhaliwal. thewar in afghistan and the worsening securityituation are causing gwing concern and debate in th countrand beyond. for e thing, the united nations said today that it ll temporarilrelocate more th half its foreign staff, ma hundreds of hem, out of the country or to moresecure compounds in afghanistan after five of i workers were killed last week. and in the united kingdom, it was theeaths of five british soldiers this week that has shak public support for the war even more. th troops were gunned down by an afghan liceman. day promptingne british newspaper to ask, what kinof war is this? once again,he war in afghanistan our lead focus night. and we begin with the bitish view frorags martel of itn. >> kled byan enemy withi from t guards, sergeant major darren chant, sergeant matthew tanford, guardsman jimmy major, corporate nicholas weter smith and sthen booth murder and betrayed by a man thewere tryingo help, a trainee afghan
for closing america's hugely controversia pron in guantanamo bay is t months away and it will not be t. president obama said that the comtment that he de cannot be fulfilled in time. >> itas one of the oba administration's elier prises, close th prison that they called mo by s first term in office -- by his firs year in ofice. 10 inmates are beingbrought to tria five of them in ne york. the president was asked ife understood why some americans found this offeive. >> i don't think it is offensive at all when he is convicted and when the death penalty is applied. what im clear about is that i have mpleteonfidence in the merican people and o legal traditions. >> there are still 215 pple being hel in guantano bay. some have been cleared of wrongdoing b no countries have been fohcoming itaking them. some of them will be tried at a federal cou in manhattan including 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. detaineecould endp being sent to a prison in rur illinois. the ainistration's top lawy went toapitol hill to brush aside questions. >> did khalid sheikh mhammed make the sametatement in his
and addressing key economic challenges cing america's future. and addition funding is provided by the llowing supporters -- >>> hello and good evening i'm ljit dhaliwal. and welcome to apecial edition of "worldfocus." for cades, it stood as the symbol of the cold war. built in 1961,he berlin wall wathe line in the sand where western mocracy ended and commist rul beg. then suddenly, 20 years ago today, it wasgone. today on the annersary of the fall of the berlin wal, world leaders gathered in berlin, led by german cncellor anla merkel. france's niolas car ozy, britain's gordon brown, russia's dmitry medvedev and u.s. secretarof state hillary clinton crossed the former border between east a west rlin underneath the htoric andenburg gate. ordinary germans also turned out by the thoughsands, placing flowers and candles the remembrae of the peop who perishedrying to crossthe divide. our german parer, the broadcter deutsche wle has our "lead focus" tonig, taking us back to the rapidly unfolding events of thatight 20 years ag >>eporter: even late in the afternoon of november 9th, the was indicatio
if the british and americans pulled out? welcome t"bbc world news," broadcaing our view is onbs in america, also of ound the globe. coming up later forou, a russian blogger forced his government to admit toolice rruption. and how this subway passengers turned out an unbelievablylucky woman. hello to you. we honor theemory of th debt in publicnd private,peaking thir names and telling their stories as he denouncedhe twist logic that led to their aths. the u.s. president's speing at a memoria servicen fort hood, tas, whe an army psychiatrt is accused of attack that left 13 dead and 29 wounded. president obama part offered personal tributes to the victsives in the service they give their couny. >> soldiers wounded in shooting ma the difficult way down to the ceremony. 38 were wounded here five days ago. 13 people werekilled, remember by their boots, tir guns, their helmets, and a photograph. then, the prident, cmander in chi in charge of the united states miliry, americsook to to rike the right notes in tragedy. >> we need not look to the past greness bause it is fore our vereyes. >> id it was a tin
like you. thank you. tavis: as we geset to hor america's war veterans tomorrow, i am pleased to welcome on to e show a decorated vietnam w vet, who lostoth of hi ls and e arm while sving his country in vietnam, max cleland. he has his new memoir, "heart of a patriot," ands good to have youn the program. i saw your op-ed ppiece. we know that earlier today esident obamand forceless mielle obama went to fort hood. -- and firslady michelle obama went to fort hood. your thoughts? >> first o a, the president should go to fort hood. these a his troops. ese a our troops. they were kild by a manwho went offf the edge. itas a terroristct. whether the individual himself was a terrorist, we do not know, but it w a terrorist ac. it created terror. there was obviously somhing going on in his mind that mportedwith what was going on in h mind, andhat triered him. it was gng on in his min for awhile. he h not wanted to go to w against his cpatriots in many ways, so took out as much of america and thamerican war machine his mind at he could. the problem i he killed innocent peoe, as terroris do. it was
fidel castro and moammar qaddafi. his holeryness is wellnown in america having receive the congressional gold medal and met with the past ree predents. he's on his sixth viz hit in the unit states. it began in neworleanshere he attended a symposium on pollution theississippi river. he travel new york where he met wi ban ki-on. tomorrow in washingto he will meet with present obama and tend diners in his honor by the secrary of state and vice president. in 28 he published a book called "encounte the mystery: understandin orodox christiaty today." i metim with in atlanta last week at the c.e. of coca-cola, a turkish citen whose father s a disnguished turkish diplomat. the conversation began with a questionbout his ro as he w it. te me about your role. >> by the grace of god i am the first bishopin the whole orodox church world. you may kneein the orthodox church have the principal of the indepdent churcheshich are free to coordinatend organize their iernal affairs. the local churches electheir prime and the role of the ecumenical patriarch as it is historic title of th patriarch of consta
fide castro and moammar qaddafi. his holeryness is we known in america having receid the congressional gold med and met with the pastthree psidents. he's o his sixth viz hit in the uned states. it began in new orleans wheree attended a symposium poution in the mississippi river. he travel new yo where he met with ban ki-moon. tomorrow in whington hewill et wh president obama and attend diners in his honor e secretary of state and vic president. in 2008 he publisd a book called "enunter the myery: undetanding orthodox ristianity today." i met himwith in aanta last week at the c.e.o. of coca-cola, a turkh citizen whose father was a distinguished turkish diplomat the conversation began with a estion about his role as he saw it. tell mabout your role. >> by the grace of god i am the rst bishop in the whole orthod church worldwide you may knee in the orthodox urch weave the pncipal of the independe urches whi are free to coordinate and organize their interl affairs. the lal churches elect the primate d the role of the ecumenical patriarchs it is historic title of thepatriarch of constantino
. theireligion is under siege; thr community is under siege because of suspes. what want america to do is to understand that we are part of the fabr of america. we love america, our cotry, and we want to fight wth everye in defense of america. >>bernethy: imam yahya hendi, many thanks. >> thank you. >> abernethy: this past week the supre court heard rguments about whether it's constitutiol to sentence juniles who commit crimes other than murder to li in prison withouparole. tim o'brien reports. >> reporter: 23-year-olkenneth young had just turned 15 whehe committed a stri of hotel robberies in the tampa area, acting at the direction 25- year-1x$)p(tuq:haethea, neighborhoodrug dealer with a longrrest record. behea would hold the gun, yng uld take the money. >> the only thing he tolde to dwas get the money and the tapes, and that was it. >> reporter: what tapes? >> like video pes from the video cameras. >> reporter: the security camera? yes, sir. >> reporter: andou did that? >> y sir. >> rerter: young says he had little choice. s mother was addicted to crck cocai and had stolen drugs fr
and addressing key economichallenges facing america's future. and additional fundi is ovided by the following supporters -- > hello and good evening. i'm dal. >>> present obama is repoedly nearing a decision to add tens of thousands of troops to t american force in afghanistan, tugh military offials tell the sociated prs that the mber will fall short of the 40,000 request by the american commanderin afanistan. officialsay that the deployment will probably ben in january to strengthen the fense of ten key cies and towns. meanwhile,n southern afghanistan, u.s. solers and afghan pice have dcovered a hu supply of ammonium nrate. half a milli pounds of the fertiler usedin bbs targeting nato troops. and in a remo part of eastern afghantan, taliban insurgents have apparently gotten hold of a cache of american weapons the armsay have been left behind when ameran forces were driven out of two combat outposts in the kamdesh district of nuristan province lt month in a battle that killed eit u.s. soldiers. that is our "lead ocus" tonight. d we begin with this report by jonah hl. >> reporr: high in the in
of america, these negottions will not yield the kind of the nd of results that we are looking r. true, weould have hoped at the unitedtates of america wod have been more ambitious than whait has indicated. >>eporter: india is also one of the wod's largest producers of greenhouse gas issions, but is a relative newcor to an industrialized onomy. saran sa the country has concerns that a climate agreemencould stifle economic develoent. >> for us, climat change is not just a sepate issue, it is intermixed with our developmental, yoknow, issues itself. so how we balance,ou know, the problem of climate changeith the other stresses and strns that the count is going through as is process of social and economic transformaon, we wou hope that there is soe understanding of that challee that we face. >> reporter: mntime, a series of studies releed today in the british medil journal "the lacet" could give another boos to advocates of addrsing climate change. the studies fnd that cutting carbon emissions couldave millis of lives-- mosy by reducg the number of deaths from hearand lung diseases. >> climate ch
virgin america heren the states hasctually done remarkably ll, you know, in the downturn. virgin atlantic tt relies quite heavily on the business market, maybe sligly less so. >>re you seeing areas where, perhaps, business is better o improving tony deee? >> the last four mths has definitely been ite a dramatic pickup,hroughout all our airline and so the airlines are full. yields aretill low, but definitely a lot me people e back to flying again. >> global clime change and redung carbon emissions is e of your "passions". how doeshe airline industry reducetsarbon foprint. >>ell, the virgin group has done is we said that we'll take 100 percen of all the prots we make from our airline businesses a we'll invest themn trying to come up with alternave clean fuels. now that wld be obviouy the bestay of dealing with the problem. in the meantime, we've been urging the airaft nufacturers to try to pruce lighter blends. you know, one of the prlems is that the 7 -- 787 that boeing had pduced that is lighter ha been horribly delayed with tenical issues. but we're trying toet the airline manufacturers
that is intesting, when i thinkbout america society co in the state of maine, they're having a refendum on same-sexarriage. the ste congrs pushed this through in may. >>his is a real cuural touchste in america. this is rather importan because the big argunt you hear against gay marriage fromhose who do not support it i, we don't want legislato and oliticians pushing it throug people should do it. here we ha a chance. we willet a sense of what the peop think about the issue of gay marriage. i will kee watching that. thank you for joining us in the studio. we wil havehose results, reaction, and white house reaction tomorrow. >> a woman known as the godmother who heade a mafia- style gamein southern china has been sentenced to 18 yearsn jail. she w found guilty of running underground casinos and bbing governmen official. her trial s part of a crackdown in assert -- i a city of 30 million people. she claimed she kept 1young lovers who helped to fuel puic interest in the truck. muslim clerics in azerbaijan are complaining the goverent is shutting wn mosques and limitg activities. he author or -- aut
comforble aunting their strength and listening to criticis -- and then listening to criticism. >> america's relatiohip with china is perhapthe mos importan of any relationship in the world now. some say he is muting his criticism onuman-rights because of this. mr. obama says few global challenges can be solved if erica and china doot work togeth. chi still seems hesitant abou how to respond to his embrace. >> this past weekendaw one of the deadlit days in one of the world's most dangeus cities. 15 people were killed in te northern mexican city juarez as e latest- cityof juaz. as t latest murrs happed, bbc was with the border police. they y find some of this report disturbing. >> the 6:0p.m. and already on alert mexico' deadliest city. we have beenriving only a few mines when the first murde happened. the poli found him on a dusty side street in a tidy car. -- in a tattered c. the latest ctim of mexi's drug wars. an beside him, a child, who has now seen more than anyone ever showed. -- eer showed. they looked for clues, traming all over the crime scene. they do not solve many murders her
program coming up for youoday with one of the most gifted writers and broadcasters i america,y friend fm cbs news, dan raviv. will talk about espionage, about spies, aut the dark sidef the securit apparatus ofvery country. he is fascinating on the subject. you are going to love ts. >> "whi househronicle" is produced in collaborion with whut, howard universit telesion. now, llewellyn kinand co-host linda gasparello. >> hello and thank you for oming along. i am joined by linda gaspallo, co-st of this program. iromise you, the great dan viv. here is the gat danaviv. u can hear him on cbs radio justbout anywhere you are. welcom i have in front of me three of your books. "comic wars" was one of the best books wrten about wall seet shenanigans, huge money, a giant egos, bad, grdy lawyers,tc. it is righup thereith "barbaris at the gate" and some others that have bee written abou what goes on at wall stree wn y have an awful lot of money sloshing around plus egos. i hope it gets republished becae it i worth reading. we have your books about spying. one has this under the wonderful title, "every
items. in america, researers have und some students have worked out how to work around the non-huma marker and are wring in a style the machine recognizes as valid. caing it smoozin the computer. >>> thfocus" for this thursday. for more news a rspective, be spur t check out our website at worldfocus.org. i'm daljit dhiwal in new york. thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. we'll see you tomorrow. until then, good-bye. -- captns by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> major pport for "worldcus" has been provided by rosalind p. walr and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicad to promoting scal responsibility and addressing keyconomic chlenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the foowing supporters-
world, i think china, india or in pick up steam and doing a very good job. latin america, vies by country. bazzl doing pretty well. mexico tied the u.s., a little bit more challging. europe was perhapshe biggest surpri. i felthat eure would lag behind the u.s. by two and maybe three quarters. we saw some go trends in northern europe, southern europe still kind of challenged. let me talk to you a little bit about competition. ibm and hewlett-packard used to be scopartners but not any more. ashey try to catch this wave of tech spending, is that going to make things diffict for cisco, are we going to s a clash of the tech tans? >> the exciting thingbout wh cisco is doin is if yolook down to the consumer levele're competing against very good companies like apple. steve jobs actually brought our flip produ on stage the other day and said it is e first time he has ever done that and said here say very good company, but we're going beat them. that is a good compliment and a shot across the bow you begin to think aut where were going in t data cter. clearly we'll be taking on some vy
to promoting fiscal respsibility and addressing key economic challengefacing america's re. antional fovided by the folling supporters -- >>> llo and good evening. i'm daljit dhawal. yo sense of why today's meeting betwn present obama and chinese president hu jintao was important, the two countries together accoun for almo one-quarter ofhe world's population. china, ocourse, is far lger aosfour times as many people. and as it sees its economic power grow, so too do its influence onther global issues. its coverage of today's meetg, "the new york tis" noted e range of issues on whic the united state was asking for china's help. somethinthat might have been thinkable, it sa,efore the united states became embroiled in two wars a bfore the u. onomy was hbbled bythe global financialrisis that began on ishores. those issu inclu the wde trade ga between the two countries, redung greenhouse gas emiions, as well as iran and its nuclear program. prident obama alsobrgh up with the dai lama,he a exiled leader of tibet. beyond a show of goodill and a prome to work o big issues, no breakthrous were reporte
america. still,he c.e.o. was disappointed by the quarterl loss. >> is certainly better than our plan going into baruptcy. but none the less 's a loss anyou can not be satisfied with it. >> reporter: the outlook nex year for g.m. is bit murky. u.s. auto sales could have trouble gaining trtion if unemployment keeps ring and conser confidence keeps falling. lindland is enuraged by the prress g.m. is making and is optistic the company will break even next year or ssibly turn a prot. >> oe they sort of bit the bullet and went through bankruptcy the american publ as actually responded prty well. their sales d not decline as ch as we expected. so, i think en we look at their prospects gin the worse th've been through and now they're coming out of . >> reporter: g.mthinks an initiapublic stock offering could come by the middle onext yearprovided the capital markets improve and auto ses shift out of ntral. diane eastabok, "nightly busiss report" chicago. >> susie: meanwhile, g.a.c., the company th finances puhases of gm and chrysler cars has a new leader night. he michael carpenter aormer top execu
to promoting fiscal responsibility and aressing key economic challges facing america's future. and additional fundi is provided by the folling suppters -- >>good evening. i'daljit dhaliwal. when hamid karzawas officially declared the winr of afghanistas presidential elecon, president obama and other western leaders ged him to root t corruption. today, karzai responded, acknowledginthat afghanistan does have whate called "a bad name from corrtion." he promised to deal with the oblem, but a great deal of skepticism remns. that isur leadfocus tonight. weegin with jonah hull of al jazeera english. >> hamid karzai's first appearan since being declared president. it seemed a carefully jued affair. not exuberanin victory, but hule, in the knowledge perhaps he'd won by defaul we areware of the di difficules of our governance and environment in whiche live. we'll keep trying our besto address the qutions we have fang afghanistan and to make re that the wishes of afghan people come true towards an fective, clean gornment. >> intertional reaction to esidentkarzas win has been unanimous in suprt. but als
did make this pledge - >> i will not risk your lives unless it is necessary to america's vital inrest. and if it isnecessary, the united states of americaill have your back. >> forore on president obama's japan trip, we're joined by an expert on u.s.apan relations wi medley globa advisers which provides economic and politica analysis toinancial compies. thank you r joinings on the progra >> thank you f having me. >> talk about the chlenges th japan's new ldership faces. are they pure economic? >> well, there's economic. there' a great challenge, there'a huge debt burden piled up. but they ned to ensure growth. the new government wts to transform jap from an econo that's basically driven by experts to one thas driven more by domestic demand especially consption, which is a grt challenge. it's a good idea, actually, but how it's going toe done, i n't think they figuredt ou and thenthere are iues, a number of foreign policy questis, especially the relationship with the unit states which has been jolted a little bit. >> let's talk a little bit about the relationship do you think thatt is
". >> now a brutal assessment of bassador in kabulwelcome to "bbc world news," america and around the globe. coming up later fo you. the region that deeply trbles the kremlin, a special port where icide bombings arnow a daily reality, ana sniff dog that turn in afghanistan after more than a year missin in action. >> llo, it's unusl dark assessment of thcontion of russia, in his secondste nation draegz, medvedev has described his country's mission in utal tes, he wants complete overhaul,ears of energy crisis has caused many problems, and many are in fear of lossof their b, and is he e man to deliver radical chge. >> d mitt medvedev. >> 18 months ter becomin7.b9[w esident, mr. medvedev delered a bleak and unt message. the time is running t for russia to turn itself into a modernation, with a strong stle economy. >> we should admit that we have no done enough to overcome th primitive structure of russia's economy, and our embarss reliance oil andas. >>the potical elite assembled here art used to listening to such critici of the way that they havebe nning the country. buthey know th
levs in corporate america and a lot of their husbands d't work, theytay home with the kids. if anything would go awr i wod bet those women would e up payglimony. >> alimony is odated in ny respects, b if y've given up your career and your li and you've raised thehildren i think you'rentitled to lifeme payments. my conrn is that a l o these proposals to the legislatures, they want to cut off alimonyt retirement, when you turn 63 or 65, or rirement age. >> bonnie: his is kind of too long topic for a short discsion but given up their ves, how many womenould say they gave u evething to have children as opposed to it was a choice and what they wted to do withtheir lives? >> it is a choe but when you ke decisionsased on husbands d wives, who i goingo take care of the children? anybody has been out of the workrce for ten years and trs to go back in, doesn't know how t use e-mail or powerpoint you're taking urself out of the workforce for aumber of years, it's hard for you to catch up and you'll start at a ler-paying job. it won't put you ithe position you wer in. if you spent 3 years takin ca
wld news. broaast to our viewers on bbc in america also around the globe. my name is mike emory. >> coming up laterrers an illegal raidundercover of darkness. wh troops are trying to prevent fragments of te past from disaparing forever. >> and t giant del cassie that fetched a moh-watering sum at auction. >> hlo to you. it'seen a day ofelebration and rembrance in the once divided city of berlint the art of the once divided ntinent of europe. in is 28 years the berlin wall signified repression and fr. but on this night in989, the first crosng point opened and berlinerssurged tough. effectivy marking the end of a come uniist empir works have gathered in pouring rain at thebrandenberg gate to mark remembran. bbc world news reporter >> a new generati cebrating freedom and the end of a world order they ner knew. theberlin wall to these childrenjust something fromthe story books or from the recollections of their parents and andparents. behind them world leaders stridg through the braenberg gate, onc the border between east and west berlin. politician --politicians joing thousands rem
to promoting fiscal responbility and addressing key economic challengefacing america's future. anadditional funding is provided by the followin supporters -- >>> hello and od evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. >>> president oma spoke openly and bluntly todaybout the benets of individual freedoms in a country known f severe restricting em. at country ischina. today the predent focused on e importance of e u.s./cna lationship in dealing with so of the biggest gbal issues, suc as climat change and economic development. but in his speech to a town hall stylemeeting of university students in shanghai obama ao talkedbout freedomsoften nied in china. >> we do not seek to impose any systemf government on any other nation. but we alsoon't believe that thr are unique to our nati. thesereedoms of epressionand worship, of access to informatn and political partipation, we believe are universal rights. they should be ailable to all people, iluding ethnicnd religious minority whether they are in the unitestates, china or any tion. but even as theresident called for access to inrmation, china was tightly contro
available speciast will be... bergman: collins called his credit card ba, bank of america, to protest e cutting of hisredit line. >> and there's nobodthat i can speak with at is point? okay, well, thank you veryuch. theye having extremely high call volumes. they can't even take your ca ght now. so, my guess is the po little six pele in that department arbusy now. >> bergman: they're the few peopleho don't have to worry abt their jobs at bank of america. dead center here. >> bergman: e new credit card act is notoing to help small busiss owners like ben collins. their rds are excluded from the law. >> it's a great ovsight because companies likeine are the companiethat are going to be the fir line of hiring. and thmore difficult they make it for us tsurvive and thri in this economy. it's disappointing, and 's left bad taste in my mouth. >>ergman: a national survey says thamore than 50% of ericans have had similar changes to the credit cards of one kind or another this means that tens of millions of americans arnow facinguch higher monthly payments on their bills, whi especially tough in a
stre, among foreign leaders who stop atthis table the worry about e deficit. does america have o much debt that i cannot bring the political willo do something about it. >> rose:ell, let'sealize we actually have two deficits. onisthe fcal defit this which we need t bring down, but we also havehis g.d.p. deaf which were trying to work our way out of. rose: explain the g.d.p. deficit meaning. >> there's a gap between how much the ecomy could proce d how much it's currently proding which at the beginning of this year was estimatedo ount to more than a trillion dollars. to start to fill tt hole, we had take steps like the recovery act to try to get the ecomy back on its feet. so the problem wouldbe challenging if it were just a fiscal one. buwe have theual deficits and ne to address both. and that mak it even more challenging. >> rose: because t current accounts deficit a well. >> which is a refction... now one of the string things is we really are livg in an exceptional time. normally higherudget deficits-- and, again, last year we had1.4 trillion deficit... >> rose: this ishe fiscal ye
america have too much debt that itannot bring the political will to do sething about it. >> rose: wel,let's reaze we acally have two deficits. one is th fisca deficithis which we need to bring down, but we also have thi g.d.p. deaf which we arerying to workur way out of. >> re: explain the g.d.p. deficit meaning. >> there's aap between how much the economyould produce and w much it's currently producinwhich at the beginning ofhis year was estimated to amou to more than a trillion dollars. totart to fill that hole,we had to te steps like the covery act to try to get the economback on its feet. so the problem would be challenging if it were just a fiscal one. but weave the dual deficits and need t aress both. and that makes it even more challenging. >> rose: because the rrent accounts deficit as well. >> which is a reflectn... now one of the strikin things is we really are living an exceptional time. normally higher budt deficits-- and, again, last year we had a $1. trillion deficit.... >> rose: this is theiscal year th ended in septeer 31 of 2009? >> correct. it uld show up as some co
bank of america, to prott the cutting ofis credit line. >> and there's nobody at i can speak with at th point? okay, well, thank you ry much. they'rhaving extremely high call volumes. ey can't even take your call rit now. so, my guess is the poorittle six peop in that department are sy now. bergman: they're the few people w don't have to worry aboutheir jobs at bank of america. dead center here. >> bergman: thnew credit card act is not gng to help small siness owners like ben colls. thr cards are excluded from the law. >> it's a great overght because companies like me are the companies at are going to be the firstine of hiring. and the re difficult they make it for us to rvive and thriven this economy.. it's disappointing, and it left aad taste in my mouth. >> bergman: a national surve sayshat more than 50% of americans have had similar changes toheir credit cards of one kind or anoer. this means that tens of millions of americans are w facing mh higher monthly yments on their bills, which is especially tough in a b economy. >> i'm hanging on, iwhere i am. i am doing as mu as i can to increas
credit card bank, nk of america, to protesthe cutting of h credit line. >> and there's nobody th i can speak with at thisoint? okay, well, thank you ve much. they're ving extremely high call volumes. th can't even take your call righnow. so, my guess is the poor ltle six peoplen that department are bu now. >>ergman: they're the few people whoon't have to worry out their jobs at bank of america. dead center here. >> bergmanthe new credit card act is n going to help small buness owners like ben collin theicards are excluded from the law. >> it's a great ersight because companies li mine are the compans that are going to be the fst line of hiring. and e more difficult they make it for uso survive and thve in this econo... it's disappointing, anit's le a bad taste in my mouth. bergman: a national survey says tt more than 50% of americans have had similar changes to tir credit cards of one kind or anoth. is means that tens of millions of americans are no facing muchigher monthly payments on their bills, wch is especially tough in a bad economy. >> i'm hanging o is where i am. i am doing amu
'veheard it so ma times from america leaders and he has enough on his mind. he's got afghanistan, he's got iraq and let alone domtic issu. i'm raid we'r going to miss is opportunity. >> rose: rogoff and eldar whe we continu captioning sponsored b rose communitions from our studi in new york ty, this is charlie rose. >> rose: ken rogof is here, he is 2 t thos d. cabot profeor ofublic policy and economics at harvard university. from 2001 to 200he was t chief econist at the international netary fund. in previous lif, he was an international grd master of chess. has co-authored book about the econic crisis called "this time is different: eig centurie of financial folly." i am pleased have him re at this table for the rst time. welcome. >> tnk you. >> what you did in thisook is what? >> we tried to put togher benchmarks from htory of what the runup to financial crises look like d what happensfter financial crises and look at how unersal they are. but at its heart it's book abt arrogance and ignorance. people thinking "this time it's differen we're not going t have a crisis" for one reason or anoth
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